Dusted Donuts

2015-10-24 15:26:25 by CaplJuice

So that one thing I showed off a month ago has turned into this thing.


Interesting, isn't it? Yeah, the name isn't final. It's actually a codename. Anyways, the game is going to be about space, loneliness, and rock people. What a neat description. Also, Joe came back to do the soundtrack. He was working with us on Cleanse and Elastic, so that's a bad sign. But who cares, right? Here's a couple more screenshots, and then the end of the post.


Level Select


Planet One


New Prototype Underway

2015-09-30 20:59:13 by CaplJuice

     So, if you guys haven't noticed I've been, well, a bit dead on here for a while. But I'm back, to make this post! What is this post about, you ask? Well my child, this post is about a new prototype! A new prototype I'm working on, of course. All you can really do so far is walk around, pick up a few pebbles or health pickups, and die. Sounds amazingly fun, right? Right! When (and if) this turns into a game, it will be playable on all browsers! (including Chrome) Well, as long as you have Flash Player. Anyways, here's a screenshot.


The player standing in the middle of a level.


Thumbscrew is TERMINATED

2015-08-06 02:42:23 by CaplJuice

Weird that I'm posting this here before my blog. Huh.

     Anyways, only like, what, a week or two after announcing Thumbscrew (guess what) it's CANCELLED! Why, you may ask? Well because the game simply isn't fun. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yeah, we did the same thing with Elastic! We cancelled it because it wasn't fun. Only difference here is that we didn't pour a bunch of time (and money) into Thumbscrew. After sending Helix the prototype, we both decided that the game isn't very fun. Oh well, another cancelled game to fill up my computer's hard drive.

(Here's a new Game #2 teaser though)


Sub-Game #1: Thumbscrew

2015-07-22 18:40:31 by CaplJuice

     If you read Helix's blog, then you'd know that he announced Capl Team's newest project: Thumbscrew! He didn't elaborate much, so I'll go ahead and do that here. 


     Helix mentioned that Thumbscrew was a game about squishing thumbs, but he didn't really mention anything else. The goal is to smash as many thumbs as possible within a time limit, without loosing your grip. By loosing your grip, I mean letting go of the mouse button. The more thumbs you smash, the faster the game goes! But when you un-click the window, you loose that speed.


     When the time's up, that's the end of the game. Your score will be recorded (not globally, though) and you will be taken back to the main menu. We're probably going to let the player (you) select the amount of time for a run. This will probably range from a minute to five. The amount of time you do will also be recorded along with the score.


    Finally, Joe Swensen is coming back to do music for Thumbscrew! If you don't remember, or are new, Joe was doing the music for Elastic. Unfortunately, his computer got the blue screen of death, so we haven't contacted him until we finished Micromasher. Of course, Helix is doing art, and I'm doing programming stuff. That's about it for this article, and I'll post again soon. Goobi.

You can now spill money on us!

2015-07-09 18:12:47 by CaplJuice

Hey you, YOU! RIGHT THERE READING THIS!! Did you know that you can NOW SPILL MONEY ON CAPL TEAM?!? Of course you didn't! That's why I'm telling you! YEAH, YOU CAN THROW MONEY AT US, AND WE'LL TURN IT INTO SOMETHING SLIGHTLY AWESOME! So go check that out RIGHT NOW and tell your friends about this AMAZING INFORMATION! (link)

Click this button here to find out more! (The image IS the button!)


First thing's first with this post, I made a simple prototype menu. Here's a gif


Now for the main post, I made a thread in the forum and it's getting a LOT of attention. I have no idea how or why. The thread was called "Who would you like to meet on NG". (Of course, I wrote that I wanted to meet @TomFulp, @DanPaladin, and @Bluebaby)Currently it has 57 replies. A few of the users people said they wanted to meet came on and basically said "Lol fuck you" Like, how in the world are so many people replying to this post and why are these supposedly popular users replying to it? Whatever, that's about it for this post. Goodbye.

Crates Are Cubes and Boxes

2015-07-04 00:14:10 by CaplJuice

You know what this game needs? Crates. Pushable, destructable, crates. I made crates. You can push them and stack them and punch them. I'll probably make them able to be blown away, by those gusty wind gusts. That could make for neat level design.

(The text in the background says "Not BattleBlock Theater"

Unity, WebGL, and Chrome

2015-07-03 15:40:35 by CaplJuice

If you're using Chrome as your main browser, I'm sure you already know about Unity WebPlayer games. Yeah, you can't play WebPlayer games on Chrome. I know that us Unity devs have the option to export to WebGL, but this causes multiple issues. There's even a thread in the developer forum about it. I know, I know, you guys want Capl to port our webgames to WebGL, but it isn't going to happen. It isn't worth our time, and I know that must feel like a slap to the face with you guys. "Wuh, you noobs aren't gonna port it to WebGL?! That's stupid and you're lazy!" Hear me out, WebGL isn't even MEANT to be used yet! But I think we've come up with a solution, GameJolt! Note that you won't be able to play the web version there, you'll just be able to download it. So from now on, in all of the descriptions, there will be a link to the download page. That's all I wanted to say about WebGL. Goodbye.

You know what games need? They need wind! Yeah, what good game doesn't have wind?! ...Well, I don't think MeatBoy has wind but... Never mind, anyways, I made wind! I have CREATED wind! Look at this windy wind! YEAH!


Newish Project

2015-06-29 18:33:53 by CaplJuice

This is a continuation of the "New Project Underway!" post (or whatever I called it) The game's controls and physics feel pretty solid, I think. I added wall jumping (totally just because I wanted to, not due to a bug at all.) I even made a new tileset. Well, it's still developer art... SCREENSHOT!